7 Reasons to Get Aboard a Fort Lauderdale Sunset Cruise

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Fort Lauderdale sunset cruise

Do you want a fun and exciting experience to add to your memorabilia?

If so, this guide to Fort Lauderdale Sunset Cruise has everything you need to know!

Since the turn of the century, more people have started to uncover the joys of a party boat. In 2021, the recreational boat market size was around 16.4 billion USD. The popularity shows no sign of slowing down as it’s predicted to reach almost 27 billion by 2027.

The boat market wouldn’t be that large if there weren’t so many reasons to experience one.

You can find out some of those reasons. And where to take the best sunset cruise in The Sunshine State. All you need to do is keep reading until the end!

1. The Amazing Sunset

We wouldn’t name the cruise after the sunset if it didn’t live up to expectations! 

The time of the sunset might change throughout the year, but it never loses its beauty. You can take top-class photos since you’ll be on the water during “The Golden Hour.” That is a photographer’s term for the hour before the sun goes down as you can capture magical pictures.

The light from the sun will bring the color of the water to life and surround you with sparkles.

2. You Can Bring Your Booze

What’s better than a boat serving drinks? 

A boat where you can bring drinks onboard!

Many boat tour companies lure customers in with cheap tickets. Once they’re on board, they make their money from a small selection of overpriced drinks. 

We allow our guests to save their hard-earned cash by bringing in drinks from a local store. Not only do you save money, but you can choose whatever your favorite beverages are! You can drink from our cups and keep bottles ice cold in our built-in coolers.

If your heading out to sea for a special occasion, now might be the time to try your homebrew!

3. Relax or Workout

Exercise is always easier when you’re having fun. Our paddleboats can be powered by pedaling. While eating, drinking, and admiring the sunset, you won’t notice that you’re doing any.

But don’t worry, if you came here to sit back and relax, you could do just that! You can power our boats by paddling, but we can also power them with our gas engines. 

But don’t worry, you can tell your friends back home that you paddled all the way. We won’t tell anyone!

4. The Carnival Atmosphere

Anyone can bring a group of people onto the water in a boat. What they can’t do is replicate our carnival atmosphere!

To get the party vibe started, we have a Bluetooth sound system. And the best part is you don’t have to listen to our music. Connect your phone, blast your favorite party bangers, and dance the night away!

Another reason the boat tour has such a fun vibe is the privacy that comes with it. It’s only you, our fun captain, and whoever you decide to bring with you. So you won’t bump into any unwanted guests!

5. The Boat Tour is Affordable

Since we don’t charge you for overpriced drinks, you already saved yourself a big chunk of change. 

The first sunset cruise you can take is the cycle boat cruise. Prices start at only $44 per person for 2 hours of exploring. You could spend much more than that in a bar during that time!

Your second option is our non-cycle private party pontoon boat. Prices start at $396 for the entire boat to yourself. For $396, you can rent the boat for up to 2 hours. But there are options to stay for longer and even up to 8 hours on board.

6. You Can Cool Off With a Swim

Yes, you can go swimming if you go to the beach. But at the beach, you can’t feel like a child again by plunging into the water. It’s also much more peaceful out at sea away from the massive crowds of tourists.

During the summer, parts of Florida constantly reach over 90°F.

Even in January, the state’s coldest month, temperatures during the day can still reach up to 73°F.

So, a quick dip might be the trick to keeping you cool in the warm temperatures. 

Don’t forget your swimsuit, towel, and sunblock. Waterproof sunblock may be a good idea if you plan on diving into the water a lot.

7. It’s a Unique Experience

As of 2022, it’s getting harder and harder to come by unique experiences. Doing a bungee jump or taking a vacation to Europe was almost on everyone’s bucket list. But due to budget airlines and more business start-ups, unique experiences like these have almost become the norm.

In the 21st century, a boat party still seems only accessible to the rich and famous. But you now know that you, your friends, and your family can all enjoy this memorable experience. Without denting your wallet.

There might be other boat tours around. But none can match the vibrant onboard experience that we can offer you. Not to mention it’s in one of the most picture-perfect areas in the state!

How to Take a Fort Lauderdale Sunset Cruise

After you purchase your boat tour online, you will get picked up in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Once you’re on board, you will weave through the region’s stunning Intracoastal Waterway. Along the journey, you can stop off at the best party spots and hidden gems that some locals don’t even know!

Experience a Fort Lauderdale Sunset Cruise

There are numerous fun and exciting things to do while in Fort Lauderdale. From strolling through Las Olas Boulevard to admiring Bonnet House, there is something for everyone’s liking.

But to get the most out of your adventure here, you need to take a Fort Lauderdale sunset cruise. 

Now you know how to get on board and some of the best reasons why you should. So it’s time to clear your schedule for the evening and start planning a trip to town!

If you have any inquiries or need more info on our boat tours, contact us today, and we will be more than happy to help!