All Aboard!: 10 Reasons Why Your Next Birthday Party Should Be on a Boat

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Boat parties used to be something reserved for celebrities and rich people. We only saw them in flashy music videos.

But we can’t let the stars have all the fun. The growing demand and popularity of boat parties has lead to a vast number of boats for hire across the country. 

Great news for those of us who want to throw our birthday party on a boat! What better way to celebrate a special occasion?

Still not convinced a boat is the best place to throw a party? Check out these top ten reasons a party on a boat will be your best party yet. 

1. Feel Free On the Open Ocean 

There’s no freer feeling than cruising along the ocean. The wild open ocean has a certain magic to it that can’t be found anywhere else on this earth!

If you have a boat birthday party, you’ll be able to taste the freedom that goes hand in hand with being at sea. 

There’s also something extra fun about dancing on a boat while it is speeding along the ocean.

2. Create Memories to Last

Making memories with those you love is all part of the journey of life. Why not treat your loved ones to something they’ll never forget.

A party on a boat is one of life’s little luxuries. Combine great weather with delicious food, incredible cocktails, and a top playlist, and you have a birthday party nobody will forget. 

3. A Birthday Party on a Boat Is Private 

Packed venues, busy restaurants, bars with queues so long you’ll wait a lifetime to get served. This all puts a damper on a special event. 

If you hire a boat for your birthday party, you’ll have it all to yourself. Only you and your guests will be on the boat, which means no wrestling match with strangers to get served.

You’ll have the crew’s full attention and will be able to have whatever you like on the drinks menu. 

Having a private location for your party takes away some of the stress of organizing a perfect party.

4. Someone Else Takes Care of the Details

When you plan a party on a boat, you have a team of professionals taking care of the details for you.

From the route for the day to what’s on the menu and making sure cups and ice are available, you won’t need to waste time getting involved with the finer details.

Want tips about idyllic places to visit during the day? Prefer to make stops at restaurants and bars on dry land during your day? Your captain can arrange all this for you. 

Want a DJ on board to take care of the tunes, so you don’t have to? That can be arranged. 

5. Enjoy the Weather

One of the best things about hosting a birthday party on a boat is that you get to spend the day outside. 

Soaking up the beautiful Florida weather while hanging with your besties is one of the best ways to spend a birthday. Get your tan on while enjoying some refreshing dips in the ocean. 

6. Adventure

Who doesn’t want a bit of adventure for their birthday? When you choose a boat party, you opt for the ultimate adventure. 

Enjoy the adrenaline of being on the open water. You can even opt for pedaling the boat yourselves if you want even more adventure.

Not only fun but a great test of your group’s ability to work together. Maneuvering the boat yourselves will have you laughing for days. 

7. You Choose the Menu

When you host a boat party, you decide what’s on the menu! You can bring snacks with you or opt to have onboard catering.

Not like the idea of eating while moving? Then make a stop at a restaurant to grab a quick bite to eat. Whatever your preference, you can arrange it when you hire a boat. 

8. Marvel at the Sealife

Only seen dolphins in captivity? Imagine seeing them in their natural habitat! When you have a party on a boat, there’s a high chance you’ll spot some wildlife just enjoying life. 

From dolphins to fish and turtles, you never know what you may spy. That’s all part of the excitement of getting on a boat.

9. Try Something New

Getting a year older should be all about new experiences and trying things you’ve never done before. 

What better way to try new things than to hire a boat! Birthday party ideas don’t come much better than partying on a boat. 

10. Invite As Many People As You Like

The beauty of boat parties is that there is always a boat big enough to accommodate your party. No problems with restaurant capacities and venue limitations. 

You decide how many people you want at your party and then get to work finding a boat that’s big enough. 

Enjoy the Party

Now you’re convinced that having a birthday party on a boat will be the most fun you can have; it’s time to get planning! 

Invite your friends, hire the boat, and you’re good to start having adventures. Don’t forget to bring an epic playlist!

There are tonnes of options for the type of party you plan. So whether you want a sunset cruise, a luxury yacht, or a cycle boat, you can book the perfect party. 

Get booking your dream boat party today. If you need some more help with choosing what’s suitable for you, give us a call. We’d love to chat!