Beach Party: Top 7 Beach Party Ideas for South Florida

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Are you looking to party down in Florida?

Planning a beach party can be overwhelming. There are so many different types of party you can throw, and so many different things you can do at the party.

But never fear. We’re here to help you out. Read on for the top Florida beach party ideas.

1. Bachelorette Parties

Of course, the best type of party to throw on a Florida beach is a bachelor or bachelorette party. There are so many different options for you to enjoy your party.  You can throw a basic beachside kegger, or a simple campfire party with a cooler of drinks.

For something more elaborate, you can try and plan a nice picnic for you and your loved ones.

You can also take a great water cruise during your party, to see the sites and sounds of the Florida beaches from your vantagepoint out on the water!

2. Weddings

If you want to take your beach party a step further, why not throw your wedding on a Florida beach? A sunset cruise off of a beautiful Florida can be a romantic venue for any wedding. You’ll have to keep it small, but you can always have a big fancy reception on the beach after the fact.

Just make sure you remember to book an officiant for your beachside Florida wedding, and that you have the appropriate paperwork to make your matrimony legal.

3. Birthday Parties

You can cruise the waters of Key West with some of your closest friends during your beach birthday party.

Choose decor that suits your beach setting, And make sure you have plenty of protection for your cake, food, and beverages so they don’t end up swept up in the sand.

When you’re throwing an outdoor party, it’s important to prepare for the elements. Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen and bug spray on hand to prevent sunburns and bug bites.

In case of rain or other weather events, have a tent or covering available to protect your guests and your food.

4. Graduation Parties

If you recently graduated from high school or college, a beach party is a perfect way to celebrate the occasion.

You can pick a theme for your graduation party based on your major, the year, or what you plan to do with your life. Or, the theme can be based on one of your favorite things, or the venue you’re having the party at.

Take a boat around some of the many Florida beaches to truly appreciate the occasion of your graduation. Look at your options in Key West, Fort Myers, and Fort Lauderdale, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit to celebrate your graduation.

5. Anniversaries

Those who have recently reached a big milestone in their relationship may want to celebrate with a big party on one of their favorite Florida beaches.

If it’s permitted on the particular beach you’ve chosen, you can have a barbeque with all of your favorite burgers, hot dogs, corn, and plant-based alternatives. You can even set up a nice fire pit to roast hotdogs and sing songs around.

You can throw a great anniversary on the beach whether it’s your fifth anniversary or your fiftieth. You could theme your party around the traditional gift for that anniversary.

6. Spring or Summer Break

Sometimes, you just want to celebrate getting through the school year or having a break from the grind. That’s where throwing a spring or summer break party can be a great idea. This party can be much lower key — it can simply be friends hanging out and enjoying beverages on the beach.

A spring or summer break party is a great opportunity to throw a potluck, where everyone can bring their favorite dish for everyone else to sample and enjoy. Those who aren’t big cooks can contribute by bringing drinks, ice, or cups!

Or, you can order takeout instead, so that no one will have to put in a ton of effort and you’ll be able to clean up after yourself even easier. 

Of course, always make sure that you’re providing options for all of your guests. Ask about any allergies, sensitivities, or dietary restrictions before you start ordering, so that you’ll make sure that you have something for everything.

And, ensure that you have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options for people who don’t drink or who might be underage.

7. Just Because

You don’t need an occasion to plan a party. Sometimes, it’s fun just to throw a party for no reason. 

That way, you can pick whatever theme, venue, and dress code that strikes your fancy, and have it at any time you might want. This is especially helpful if you plan on having a booze cruise as part of your day in the sun.

You can plan lots of different games and activities. You can even organize a tournament and have your very own Olympics, with prizes and all.

You could create a strict schedule of events, so everyone knows what they’re supposed to be doing at any time. Or, set up different stations so that people can try out whatever activities they choose. 

Throw a Florida Beach Party Today

There are so many different means of having a Florida beach party out there. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start planning.

And, we can help you out? Contact us today to book a boat in Fort Lauderdale or Fort Myers for your upcoming party.