Lagerhead Cycleboats – Fort Myers Party Boat

The Ultimate Fort Myers Party Boat


The people-powered-floating-bar. Or, the Cycleboat, as we like to call it. You’ll find no other experience as fun and unique in Fort Myers Beach as a Lagerhead Cycleboat cruise. Nowhere else can you enjoy memorable moments with friends, refreshing drinks, fun music, uncontrollable laughter, and breathtaking scenery while peddling your own exclusive floating bar through the clear blue tropical waters of Fort Myers. This is the Fort Myers party boat you can’t miss!!

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What’s It Like?

During your Cycleboat cruise, our charming 2-person crew will steer you and your party to only the most magnificent vistas on the water. Along the way, you’ll stop by a waterfront bar or two to enjoy local drinks on top of the Fort Myers party boat.

During the tour, your captain & first mate will be sure to keep you and your friends gasping with laughter and having a blast!

We offer a variety of cruises for groups age 21+, all-age families, or private parties. Choose the best tour for your party and reserve your spot now!

In fact, we guarantee it will be the most fun you will have in Fort Myers!If our Cycleboat cruise isn’t the most unique, entertaining experience you’ll ever have in Fort Myers Beach, We’ll refund every penny. No questions asked!

Save 10% on our booking when you book for a private party!

Fort Myers booze cruise captain
Fort Myers Party Boat

So What on Earth is a Cycleboat?

The gorgeous sights of a coastal cruise. The good times of a night out at the bar. The refreshing adventure of a leisurely bike ride.

The Fort Myers party boat is all of these things rolled into one unforgettable experience you’ll be talking about long after it’s over!

The focal point of our one-of-a-kind, pedal-driven pontoon is a beautiful mahogany bar with a built-in cooler that keeps the drinks you bring on board ice cold. You and your friends sit around the bar on bicycle-style seats, peddling together to effortlessly propel the boat through the water.

Pedal at your own pace and enjoy the beautiful scenery as your captain navigates the party to the most stunning spots on the water and the best bars in the area.

Our boat fits up to 15 passengers, so there’s room for all your friends!


The Lagerhead Cycleboat cruise is an amazing experience that you can’t get anywhere else in Fort Myers Beach. Check out our Fort Myers boat tour options and book now.