About the Boat

How does the cycleboat work?


  • You’ve never experienced anything like this before! This 31ft catamaran-style boat is propelled through the water by passengers peddling at bicycle-style peddle stations around the center bar. And don’t worry if you — or your entire party — get tired. The boat can also be driven by a onboard engine if anyone needs a rest making it the best Fort Myers booze cruise or boat tour around!
  • The cycleboat seats 15 passengers (15 guests + 2 crew members). There are 10 peddle stations and bench seating for anyone who doesn’t feel like peddling. 

Is the Cycleboat Comfortable?

The Cycleboat is designed for maximum fun and comfortable riding. Here’s what you can expect on the boat:

  • Comfortable Seating: enjoy your cruise comfortably whether at a peddle station or on a bench
  • Adjustable peddle resistance: pedal as leisurely or vigorously as you want
  • Drinks cooler: keep the drinks you bring ice cold and within reach in our center bar cooler
  • Drink holders: keep your drinks secure without needing to hold them
  • Bluetooth speakers: play the music you want from your smartphone
  • Phone charging ports: charge your phones and keep the music playing

Who Pilots the Boat?

Every one of our boat captains are Certified License Master Captains, so you can be sure that you’re in safe hands during your cruise.

We hand select each captain and first mate to make sure they’ll keep the party rockin’ and give you the funnest tour experience you’ll have in Fort Myers Beach.

Fort Myers booze cruise captain

What Kind of Cruises can you take on the Cycleboat?

  • Our boat is a blast for any kind of Fort Myers boat tour you can think of!
  • Including:
    • Sunset Cruise
    • Dolphin Cruise
    • Fort Myers Booze Cruise
    • & Private Party Tours!