7 Tips for Planning a Party on a Boat

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Do you want to hold your party over the sea?

Going out to sea on a boat is a popular hobby and a special event activity among Americans. Each year, around 100 million people go boating in the United States.

If you love the sea, you’re likely considering a party boat event. Yet, holding a party on a boat is not as simple as organizing one in your backyard. Without proper experience, you will encounter debilitating problems later on.

Fortunately, our guide can help. Below are seven tips you need to know about planning a party on a boat. Read on and avoid making fatal mistakes now:

1. Set a Budget and Stick to It

Like all other party planning, you must know your budget. However, you may experience a catch-22 if you do not know how much a boat party will cost. If you lack knowledge, how will you prepare for a budget?

The best way is to research everything first. Ask a friend with experience hosting parties on boats. If you have no one, you can also go online to check the average prices of a boat party. 

Look for various price ranges for a boat party. Never focus on finding the cheapest or the lowest amount you can spend for a party on a boat. Learning these allows you to know what to expect and how much you should have in an emergency reserve.

2. Pick the Right Boat 

Another task to finish early on is to find a good party boat. Choosing the wrong boat is one of the five boat party planning mistakes. The good news is there are a few ways to choose the right boat.

Check your guest list to determine the number of people you are inviting to the party. After getting a final list, limit your choices to the boats large enough to accommodate everyone. Never forget to count the crew members and servers when considering the proper boat size.

If you want a boat tour provider, consider the itinerary and whether they fit the boat size as well.

3. Prepare the Food and Drink Selections with Care

The process of planning a party is incomplete until you decide on the food and drinks. Your chosen meals and beverages will depend on the type of party. For example, if you want a fancy and formal dinner party, consider a three-course meal for your guests.

Other factors affecting the types of food to prepare are:

  • Party duration
  • Your budget
  • Age of your guests
  • Health issues or food allergies

Also, consider keeping an open bar. However, it is not always a mandatory offer for party hosts. Also, prepare hors d’oeuvres if the boat party lasts several hours. Never let anyone leave the boat feeling hungry and disappointed with the cuisine.

4. Be Sensitive to Your Guests’ Needs

As the host, it is your job to be aware of your guests’ needs. Some people experience motion sickness at the beginning of a boat ride. If they do, you may want to inform them about the nearest restroom. 

This sensitivity should also extend to the types of food and drinks you are serving your guests. For example, you invited some guests of Islamic faith to your boat party. Make sure you have halal foods prepared as well.

You may also have guests with a fear of being out in the open water. If they have panic attacks during the party, you must be ready to help calm them down. You can also quell similar worries by providing life vests to anyone asking for them. 

5. Strategize a Layout for the Space

A yacht or boat has a smaller space than event halls, meaning event planning can be more complex. A solution to getting around this issue is to create a layout. Plan the location of the drinks and snacks and the space for the guests to sit or dance.

When you plan the layout, remember the flow of traffic around the space. For example, you do not want guests to cut through the dance floor when getting drink refills or snacks. Proper planning can make a boat party feel classy and less cramped. 

6. Hire Professional Servers and Crews

Excessive speed, inattention, and machinery failure are the top factors in boating accidents. If you have professional staff on board, you can lower the risks of these mishaps. Professional boat crews and servers have the necessary training to ensure a safe voyage.

They can ensure your guests will have fun during the event. Staff members can handle tense situations since they have years of experience working at parties. They can also cater to your guests’ concerns and requests well.  

7. Pick a Theme

Never forget to decide on a theme for your party. Not all parties need a specific theme, but they can make party boat occasions fun, memorable, and unique. They also work well with almost any type of party.

Are you celebrating a baby shower or a kid’s birthday? Consider the Little Mermaid or Under the Sea themes. They are excellent theme choices both kids and adults can enjoy.

One of the fun things about celebrating themed parties is letting your guests wear costumes. It is also easier to decide on the decoration when you are following a theme. You need not be too specific when you are choosing a theme. 

With These Tips, Planning a Party on a Boat Has Never Been Easier 

Party planning is not an easy job, especially if the party happens on a boat. Remember the tips we mentioned above when you are planning a party on a boat. Use them to ensure your celebration goes off without a hitch.

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