Booked in for Your First Booze Cruise? Find Out What To Expect!

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What could possibly be more fun than partying with your friends on a boat off the coast of Florida?

If you’ve never been on a booze cruise before, then you’re in for a real treat. Whether you’re going on a stag/hen party or going on a corporate event, boozing on a giant pedal boat is a great way to break the ice and have an unforgettable time.

For the less experienced boat drinkers out there, you might be wondering what to expect. That’s what we’re here to discuss today. In this post, we’re going to give you some clues on what to expect on your first booze cruise.

Strap into your lifejacket and put your best pedaling shoes on, it’s time to enjoy some drinks on the high seas.

Getting to Know the Boat

You’ve probably seen pedal pubs in big cities across the country, which are a growing phenomenon. What we at Lagerhead Cycleboats have done is take the concept of pedal pubs and brought them to the water.

That being said, our boats are equipped to take 16 passengers and 2 crew members. There are 10 pedal spots and bench seats for those that don’t feel like pedaling. However, you can adjust the pedal resistance for an easy ride.

Bring the Drinks You Want

What makes our booze cruise great is that you can bring your own booze aboard. There’s no annoying licensing that requires us to sell you booze at an extortionate rate, so you can bring the drinks you want, keep them in our onboard cooler, and drink them at your leisure.

If you’ve been on a boat before, then you know things can get a bit wobbly. Fortunately, we’ve got lots of comfortable seating and drink holders to keep everything where it should be.

What’s a Party Without Music?

All of our boats, no matter where you’re setting sail from, are equipped with phone chargers and Bluetooth speakers. No booze cruise is complete without great tunes and we let you set the mood by letting you hook up to our amazing speaker systems via Bluetooth. 

If you don’t want the stress of making a playlist, you can find some pretty great yacht rock lists online.

Your Booze Cruise Pilot

You might be wondering how you’re going to focus on pedaling, drinking, and making sure the boat doesn’t sink. Luckily for you, your booze cruise is complete with an experienced crew member or two.

When a few too many drinks have been consumed, you can take a rest and let the onboard engine take over the hard work of getting you back to port. There’s no stress when it comes to booze cruising, so keep the focus on having fun with your friends.

Book Your Booze Cruise Today

Now that you know what to expect from the experience, it’s time to book your booze cruise. We’ve got 3 different boats in Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale, and Key West, so choose the best one for you and your friends and start preparing for an unforgettable booze cruise.

Contact us today to learn more about rates and rules.