How to Plan the Perfect Fort Myers Beach Bachelorette Party

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Are you thinking of planning a bachelorette party in the Fort Myers Beach area?

Whether you’re a local of Southwest Florida or you’re a tourist, Fort Myers Beach has so many exciting attractions that will make this event memorable for years to come. 

Planning a bachelorette party can get overwhelming when you realize how much really goes into it, but fortunately, we’ve made a guide to help you out. Keep reading our page to learn about everything you need to know to throw the perfect Fort Myers Beach bachelorette party. 

Pick a Location 

The first thing you’ll want to do when planning a bachelorette party is pick a location. Whether you’re set on having your party in Fort Myers Beach or you’re just thinking about it, we’d like to give you some reasons why our city’s beaches are perfect for your event. 

Beautiful Beaches

When you look up Fort Myers beaches, you’ll find that our city has a lot of scenic, white-sand beaches that are popular for shelling and viewing the area’s diverse wildlife. No matter which beach you’re at, you’re guaranteed breathtaking sunset views every evening that you’re here. 

Great Shopping

Fort Myers Beaches are surrounded by quirky shops of all kinds. Whether you’re looking for apparel and jewelry or historical books and artwork, you can find just about everything at our beachside shops. 

Fort Myers has a very active art community, so you can find many galleries and shops that sell the local artists’ creations. Even if you’re not looking to buy anything, exploring these galleries can be fun for anyone!

Lots of Restaurants and Bars

As long as you have a way to pay, you won’t go hungry on any Fort Myers beaches. Along with all of the shops, you can find a variety of restaurants and bars that serve many different types of cuisines. Because of the availability of freshly caught fish, you’ll also find many restaurants specializing in seafood.

Set a Date

Once you’ve decided where you want to throw your bachelorette party and you’ve got a good price point in mind, you’ll need to set your date.

It’s important to pick a date that isn’t too early but also isn’t too close to the wedding. You’ll want to make sure that your guests have enough time to plan for the party, especially if they have to take time off of work or travel; but you also need to make sure your guests won’t be too hungover or tired for your big day. 

The ideal time to plan your bachelorette party is about one to four months before your wedding date. If this time frame doesn’t work for you, that’s okay too! Just be sure to communicate with your bridal party and other potential party guests. 

Make a Guest List and Send Out Invitations

Bachelorette parties aren’t as big of an event as your wedding, but you’ll still need to make a guest list and send out invitations. The people that you invite should be family and friends that you’re closest to and usually include your bridal party. 

If you’re struggling to figure out who you should invite, this Martha Stewart guide will help you narrow down your list. 

Once you’ve figured out who you plan to invite, you’ll want to make invitations and send them out about six to eight weeks before your event. You can find invitations at party supply stores, but there are a lot of fun templates that you can find online and make yourself. 

Arrange Sleeping Accommodations

If you’re having a bachelorette party weekend or you’re traveling, you’ll want to arrange sleeping accommodations ahead of time. Since Fort Myers Beach has so many attractions, there is no shortage of hotels in the city.  

However, if you’re looking for accommodations for a large party, you should consider staying at a beachside rental or an Airbnb. Many rentals and cottages will even come with private beach access, which is always a fun bonus!

Plan Your Fort Myers Beach Activities 

Once you’ve made sleeping arrangements and know how long you’ll be celebrating, you can start planning your party activities. We’ve made a list of some activities in Fort Myers Beach that we think will really make your day special. 

Fort Myers Boat Party

If you’re looking to celebrate your day out on the water with just your bachelorette party group, then consider a private boat tour with Lagerhead Cycleboats.

Our private tours can be customized to give you and your friends the perfect views, music, booze, and entertainment. Our designated driver will make stops at restaurants and bars along the docks, so everyone can refuel and get the most out of their experience. 

Hire Some Adult Entertainment

A popular way to celebrate our bachelorette party is to hire some adult entertainment. While male strippers are always an option, sometimes their performances can end up shocking and make guests feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.

Butlers in the Buff is the perfect option. You can hire your scantily dressed butlers to join in the party fun and make sure you don’t have to lift a finger. You can even hire Butlers in the Buff on your private boat tour!

The Fort Myers Beach Pub Crawl

If bar hopping is your scene, then the Fort Myers Beach pub crawl has plenty of options for you and your guests. Enjoy your martini with a view of the city on the Rooftop Sky Bar, or show off your dance skills at The Buddha Nightclub. 

Custom Party Favors

Custom-made party favors can add a lot to a bachelorette party and will give your guests something to show your gratitude for their attendance. Some brides will offer custom apparel, tumblers, towels, tote bags, or even jewelry to celebrate with everyone.  

If you want to offer something to your guests but you need inspiration, Pinterest is a great source of bachelorette party ideas. You can also find plenty of customizable items on Etsy, so you don’t even need to make them yourself. 

Come Party With Us!

Fort Myers Beach is full of so many fun and special activities to throw the perfect bachelorette party. Our city is rich with history, nature, and nightlife, which gives everyone a chance to unwind no matter what their preferences are.

If you’re throwing your bachelorette party in Fort Myers Beach and you want a fun and unique experience, book one of our private boat tours.

Our BYOB cruise will have you and your guests partying in the waves with all of the best entertainment. We’ll make sure that the bride’s special night is one to remember forever!