Party Boat Fort Lauderdale: 7 Reasons to Book Your Next Trip

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Have a get-together coming up? If so, why not do it on a party boat? Party boats have a lot to offer, and, in many cases, are the ideal party venues. 

Wondering why you should book a party boat in Fort Lauderdale? Then read on. We’re going to give you 7 reasons below. 

1. You’ll Get to Drink on the Ocean

You can drink in a lot of different places, whether it be your home, the top of a mountain, a bar, or elsewhere. However, when it comes to the best places to drink, few come close to the ocean. 

You’re on a boat, swaying with the roll of each wave, having an alcoholic beverage or two with a group of your friends. Does it get any better than that? 

At the very least, it’s a unique and fulfilling experience, something that you’ve probably never tried before. In other words, it’s something that you’re bound to remember. So, get out there and make some memories.

2. You’ll Catch Unique Views of the Coast

There are a lot of different ways to see Fort Lauderdale. You can fly over it. You can look at it from street level. However, perhaps the best way to see it is from the ocean. 

By embarking on a party boat, you’ll be able to catch big and unique views of the entire Fort Lauderdale coast. You’ll travel by all sorts of buildings and landmarks, providing you with a vantage point that you otherwise would never have. 

So, if you’re looking to experience Fort Lauderdale from all angles, give a party barge boat a try. It could create just the mental images you’re looking for. 

3. You’ll Have Tons of Privacy

The thing about renting a party boat is that it puts you far out into the sea. As such, you can have as private a party as you ever dreamed of. 

No reason to worry about getting into altercations at bars. No reason to worry about unwanted individuals trying to talk to you and your friends. Just a fun, private experience including those that you actually want to be around. 

Short of partying in an underground bunker, you’re not going to get any more private than this.

4. You’ll Get Exercise

Generally speaking, when you go out on a boat, you kick back, stare at the waves, and maybe have a drink or two. But when you get on a party boat, there is no sitting still. 

See, on a party boat, you’re expected to pedal. In fact, without you and your friends pedaling, the boat isn’t going to move at all, and you’re just going to be stuck in one place. 

What does this mean? It means that, by going out on a party boat, you are essentially guaranteeing exercise for yourself. So, yes, you might be putting on a few calories with those beers and mixed drinks, but you’ll be simultaneously burning them off the entirety of the trip. 

5. You Won’t Have to Contend With Loud Music

One of the issues you face when you party at a bar or a club is that you have to contend with loud music. In many cases, this prevents verbal communication entirely, making it impossible for members of a group to converse with one another. 

You likely don’t want to deal with this at your party. After all, you probably want to speak to those that you’re with. 

This is where a party boat can be a huge help. Because they involve only your group, and because they go out onto the ocean away from all distracting elements, they enable you to party without loud music present. 

In fact, party boats require group members to face one another as they pedal. So, not only will you not have to contend with music, but you’ll actually be set up perfectly for facilitating a conversation. 

6. It’s Reasonably Priced

You might be thinking that renting a party boat is expensive. After all, renting any type of boat usually is. However, when it comes down to it, party boats are actually quite reasonably priced. 

Depending on the company that you rent your party pedal boat from, it could be as cheap as $50 an hour. Divide that by all of the members of your party, and you could be paying less than $5 apiece. 

That’s a small price to pay for a fulfilling and memorable experience. Few similar experiences come at such a low cost. 

7. You’ll Make Tons of Memories

Going out on a boat is generally a very unique experience. Most people don’t do it all that often, so, when they do, they tend to remember it well. 

This is doubly true when it comes to a party boat. Party boats combine the fun of boating with the fun of hanging out with your friends. This culminates in memories that do not soon fade into oblivion. 

So, if you’re looking for a time that you’ll never forget, rent a party boat in Fort Lauderdale. You won’t regret it! 

Ready to Book a Party Boat in Fort Lauderdale?

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