The Top 3 Best Bachelor Party Ideas

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bachelor party ideas

Stag parties aren’t what they used to be. Rather than simply getting drunk and heading to the strip club, more and more people choose to get creative with their bachelor parties.  

A Bachelor party represents the last night of freedom before getting hitched. It’s an excellent time to bond with friends, think outside the box, and experience something new and exciting. 

Are you, or a friend, getting married soon? Please keep reading for our top 3 bachelor party ideas to guarantee a great time. 

1. Plan a Pub Crawl

Whether or not you can leave town for your stag night, a great way to throw a party is to plan a pub crawl.  

Strip clubs can get old pretty fast. Rather than heading straight there, switch things up and include various locations to keep the evening flowing. 

Start at a pub or dive bar for some beers and reminiscing. Afterward, hit up a pool hall or sports bar to play a few games to get your competitive juices flowing. 

Plan to stop at a restaurant for some tasty grub and refuel for the rest of the night. Make sure wherever you choose can handle large groups and doesn’t mind a rowdy crowd. Once everyone is feeling a little loose, head out for dancing, gambling, karaoke, or to a strip club. 

If the area isn’t walkable, make sure to hire a limo or several cars to drive you and your friends around for the night.

2. Go Road Trippin’

Come up with a place you’ve always wanted to go, and plan a bachelor party road trip. 

Take your time. Chart your route in advance and include a few fun and exciting stops along the way. You’ll have time to bond with your friends while experiencing parts of the country you may not have the chance to see otherwise. 

End your trip in a well-known party city like Montreal, New York, or New Orleans, or head all the way south for a bit of R & R at the beach. 

3. Head Out to Sea

Whether you live nearby or are ending a road trip at the beach, one of the best party ideas is to hire a party boat

For a good reason, party boats and cycleboats have become extremely popular for bachelor parties. Head out to sea with up to 26 of your friends, blast your favorite tunes, enjoy amazing views, and drink to your heart’s content. 

On a cycleboat, you get to power the boat party with your own pedaling. 

There are bicycle-style pedal stations around the center bar of the cycleboat for passengers to propel the boat along themselves. Feeling lazy? Then sit back, relax, and let the engine do the work for you. 

Fun Bachelor Party Ideas

Nowadays, people are choosing to get more creative with their bachelor party ideas. You don’t have to be stuck spending your night at a strip club but can plan an event that’s truly enjoyable and that you’ll remember forever. 

If you’re interested in heading out on the water, contact us for more fun party ideas and to book your next party boat.