Tips for Booking the Best Party Boat Rentals Near Me

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party boat rentals near me

Are you looking for a fun experience for your family and friends on the open water? Do you want to book a fun activity for your small business and all its employees? If so, then you might be wondering “how can I book party boat rentals near me?”.

Going through with booking party boat rentals might be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make! It gives you the chance to exercise, while also creating an environment where everyone can sit back and relax.

See below for an in-depth guide highlighting several key tips to booking the best party boat rentals near you.

1. Use Online Reviews as Your Guide

If the stars are your guide while you’re out at sea, then online reviews are your guide while you’re searching for the best boat party rentals. 

Too many people book a party boat without looking at the reviews or knowing anyone that’s used them before. That can end up in one of two ways: really good or really bad. Why leave that up to chance?

Instead, use a party boat rental company’s online reviews as your insight. This will give you honest feedback from customers like yourself. While the ratings are important, pay closer attention to the comments they leave behind.

It’s always helpful to ask yourself a few questions while reading through them:

  • Did the customer enjoy the experience on their party boat tour?
  • How was the communication with the party boat company leading up to the day of the event?
  • What did that customer use the party boat for? (EX: corporate outing, family gathering, etc.)
  • Did they have a good time?
  • Does the party boat allow alcoholic beverages? (you’d be surprised)
  • How many times have they used the party boat rentals?

Of course, you can always reach out to the party boat rental service and see if they have a few client references that you can talk to. 

2. Contact the Service By Phone

You don’t want to go into your party boat experience with a blind eye. If you’ve only spent a collection of 5 minutes talking to the service before the big day, there’s no telling what service you’ll get.

You need to gauge the service by phone. Talking to them on the phone will help you feel more comfortable about the service you’ve hired.

Ask them as many questions as possible. If you’re unsure of the questions to ask, here are a few to help you out:

  • How many passengers can fit on one boat?
  • What is the normal route that you use for the party boat service?
  • Do you have music playlists or do we have to provide our own?
  • How many party boat outings has your service performed? 
  • Have you ever set adrift with a party like mine? 

Here’s the main takeaway that you’re looking for: are they experienced and do they sound like they have fun? All of the other details can be hammered out! 

At Lagerhead Cycleboats, we treat your party like family. We ensure a memorable and safe party experience for everyone that hops aboard!

3. Look for a Unique Experience

There are party boats, and then there are party boats! The ladder pertains to any party boat that keeps you and your group engaged the entire time. 

That’s why cycle boats are such a hot commodity right now. If you aren’t pedaling away, you’re taking in the beauty of the water. It can build team morale as everyone pedals away to keep the ship moving.

Don’t worry though, if everyone gets tired, the party boat can also be driven by an onboard engine. It’s a 25-foot catamaran-style boat that can seat 16 guests comfortably.

Not everyone has to be cycling the entire time. Our boats have 10 pedal stations, with benches for anyone else that needs a rest or isn’t interested in pedaling. Just make sure they don’t set up shop next to the drink cooler!

4. Search for Cost-Efficiency

You don’t have to break the bank for an amazing party boat experience. At Lagerhead, we pride ourselves on offering competitive rates for our customers. 

We always offer our clients a per-person rate and scheduled time duration. The time and cost depend on our locations, here’s a breakdown of all three:

Key West Party Boat

  • 2.5 hours long
  • $45 per person

Fort Myers Party Boat

  • 2 hours long
  • $44 per person

Fort Lauderdale Party Boat

  • 2.5 hours long
  • $49 per person

As you can see, we offer customer-friendly rates. Whatever your budget is, we’re confident that our prices will fit it comfortably!

5. Look at the Features

The fact that your renting a party boat is exciting, but what else is included in the experience?

Our cycle boat tours are made with you in mind. We have such features as:

  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Phone Charging Ports
  • Adjustable Pedal Resistance– For all you overachievers out there!
  • Comfy seating– whether you’re pedaling or relaxing.
  • Drink Holders
  • Booze Cruise Drink Cooler

We embrace the fun of a party boat. We want you and your guests to enjoy the wind, water, and music while we cruise you around. Enjoy the sites and sounds while having several laughs with your group.

Party Boat Rentals Near Me: Book Through Lagerhead Cycleboats

Now that you have seen all of the different tips and tricks for searching for party boat rentals near me, be sure to use it to your advantage.

Be sure to visit this page to get answers to some of our more frequently asked questions.

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