Where to Party in Fort Myers: Your Complete Guide

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Where to party in Fort Myers

Are you stuck in Florida right now and are looking for a party to help you de-stress? Do you want to know where to party in Fort Myers? 

Florida remains a popular destination for people who want to go on a vacation, party, or both. In 2019, the state received 131.4 million visitors, making it one of the top vacation places in the US. As the commercial center of County Lee, Fort Myers stands as a gateway to the Southwest Florida region.

It’s also the gateway to unforgettable party activities, fun nightlife, and many more. Below, we’ll highlight the best places to party in Fort Myers. Keep reading to see all the other fun things you can do while you’re in the area.

Arriving in Fort Myers

Three in four people say that bachelor and bachelorette parties are more fun than weddings. This is likely because people feel they can go wild and all-out in bachelor and bachelorette parties. Meanwhile, weddings tend to be more formal and organized.

If you’re planning a night of crazy partying for the last weekend in a person’s single life, Fort Myers has you covered.

Whether you’re holding a bachelor, bachelorette, or birthday party, Fort Myers is a good choice. From your first night in the area, you’ll notice that the vibe here is more fun and spirited. You may even feel a sudden excitement to join the festivities by only going to the livelier areas.

However, before you can bring out your party-loving self, you’d want to head to your hotel or vacation house first. If you’re coming with a big group, the smart choice is to rent a vacation house. A house rental won’t be too harsh on your budget, and you all get a bigger place to yourselves.

Hotels and some vacation houses offer pools for those who want to get a swim in before the party is underway. While you wait for a friend’s arrival or for everyone to settle, going for a swim can help cool you down.

Where to Party in Fort Myers If You Want to See the Sea

Is the goal of the party to get a good dose of Vitamin Sea?

Some beach houses already have the necessary equipment for a beach party, like jet skis. All that’s left is for the group to order alcohol online or buy it from the local grocery. Other than booking a beach house or hotel, many other beach activities are available here.

Fort Myers Beach has a seven-mile-long strip of shallow water and sand, perfect for a beach party. Because the beach is the main attraction in Fort Myers, expect that most of the party spots are nearby. You can find a ton of bars, restaurants, and hotels that line the beach.

Each has a different party atmosphere. If you want a laidback bar to start the party or go all-out in a club, you’re bound to find one here. You can even find a place where you can spend the evening drinking and view the cruises passing by.

If daytime partying is your goal, consider renting a boat for the whole crew. You can rent a private boat if you want a party where you can focus on your friends. You can also use the boat to get a customized private tour around the area. See our guide on the costs of a party boat.

If you’re on a budget, try a public cruise. Get tickets for a two-hour cruise where you BYOB and meet new party people. It’s the perfect choice for individuals who want to party to groups of five party animals.

Country Bars and Night Clubs in Fort Myers, FL

Fort Myers is full of all types of party spots, from award-winning craft beer brewery to country bars.

Are you looking for where to party in Fort Myers country style? The Ranch Concert Hall and Saloon is the best place to go. You may even see a popular country music artist perform while you’re at the venue.

Don your boots and head over to the dance floor with your buddies for a night of country partying. You and your mates can even join the line dancing classes if you’re all up for it. If you’re going with your partner, The Ranch offers couples dancing classes, too.

Another fun Western-style pub is the Cowboy Up Saloon. You can find it in the heart of the River District. It won’t seem like much from the outside, however.

Thanks to the nightlife in Fort Myers, Florida, many people consider Cowboy Up as a classic dive bar. If you need a break from all the EDM beats and need old-school country tunes, this is the place for you. It even has a jukebox for guests to use.

Checking out the Downtown Fort Myers Nightlife

Got stuck in the Fort Myers River District? If you want to avoid the sea for a while or see more of Fort Myers, head to the River District. It’s a place of live music and dancing, meeting artists, viewing classic cars, and more.

The Downtown Car Cruise-in is a great event for all car enthusiasts and nerds. It occurs every fourth Saturday of the month, so don’t miss it if your party coincides with the day. Also, don’t let the colorful live demonstrations pass you by, like the Music Walk and Art Walk.

If your party is looking forward to seeing a game on, head over to GameTime. It’s a restaurant and sports bar in the Gulf Coast Town Center. Here, you can cheer on your favorite team and enjoy their game night food and drink specials.

Enjoy the Parties in Fort Myers

We hope you now have a clearer idea of where to party in Fort Myers. Book a flight and travel to one of the best party destinations in the country today!

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