5 Safety Tips for Healthy Drinking When You Booze Cruise Fort Myers

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Lagerhead Cycleboats embraces the celebratory sides of life in the form of peddle-powered booze cruises through the waterways of Fort Myers. This is not your ordinary party. A peddle bar combines bike-style peddling, drinking, and a sweet booze cruise all into one fun-filled adventure! You can climb aboard one of our pontoon style boats which seats up to 15 passengers—Captain and First Mate not included.

ou can bring your own booze and pull up right to the docks of local bars like Nervous Nellies and Doc Fords. The cycleboats come decked out with ice-cold coolers, cup holders, Bluetooth Speakers for your music, and comfortable seats made for partying. All this and more makes Lagerhead Cycleboats the premiere booze cruise in Fort Myers.

Our licensed and certified captains are professionals when it comes to partying and keeping you safe! When it comes to day drinking no one wants to be dead in the water. Our team has been running booze cruises in Fort Myers for a long time. We pride ourselves on how much fun our passengers have. You can’t have fun if you’re not being safe, especially when it comes to drinking and potentially dangerous situations aboard a boat.

We’ve assembled 6 tips for a sensible booze cruise that’ll be as enjoyable as it is safe. Captain’s orders!

1. Know Your Limit

Fort Myers is a hub for party-eccentric college kids that drink way too much and end up spewing on the beach before noon. This is the last thing anyone wants to have happen, especially aboard a booze cruise where you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself. We allow each guest to bring 36-oz of beer or 18-oz of wine while on the boat. Parties can split a bottle of wine as well. At the bar, we let our passengers use their discretion but will always be there for assistance if needed.

2. Drink Water

We cannot stress this enough! The tropical climates of Fort Myers mixed with a booze cruise is a recipe for both good times and for disaster if you’re not adequately hydrated. Water will help you metabolize the alcohol in your body, while also keeping you hydrated. After a few drinks at the bar, it’s always smart to order a glass of water. Also, bring plenty of water on top of your BYOB situation when you come for a booze cruise. This can be a life-saver when you’re peddling hard and drinking harder!

3. Don’t Drink On an Empty Stomach

Of course, eating while you drink is helpful in the absorption of alcohol. High protein snacks like cheese and peanuts are great to bring aboard a booze cruise. These foods will help to slow the absorption of alcohol into the circulatory system. The bars we stop at along the way offer a full-food menu that will not only help you drink, but the entrees they serve are delicious! Nothing like some Fish Tacos to chase down that bucket of beer.

Also, keep in mind that you’re peddling the whole time your drinking. This keeps your heart rate up and your body working, so you might feel the effects of alcohol quicker. On a full stomach, you’ll be prepared for a hard day’s drinking and the pedal action it takes to have a fun day on the water!

4. Sip Your Drink

If you’ve ever taken a shot, then ran a marathon you’re a special breed of human. The rest of us need to sip our beer as we engage in physical activity. As you peddle along the ocean, it’s good to sip your drink—maintaining a nice buzz, instead of a sea-sick inebriation that you’re not going to enjoy.

5. No Underage Drinking

Other no circumstances will underage drinking be tolerated while aboard a Lagerhead Cycleboat. We offer other cruise options that are appropriate for the whole family that are just as fun! We are a family-oriented business that will always party professionally. Please be ready to present I.D.s when you go a booze cruise with us.

All this being said—Drink Up Me Mateys Yo Ho! Just do it responsibly like an adult pirate.

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