Boat From Fort Myers To Key West

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Getting to Key West from Fort Myers is very easy. The Key West Express runs a daily ferry boat from Fort Myers to Key West. And it is worth it!

It takes just a fraction of the time – about 4 hours – then it would be to drive and a fraction of the cost to fly. It truly is a no brainer!

The best part? It is a super smooth ride, and you’ll be in Key West or Fort Myers before you know!


What To Consider Before Taking The Boat Fort Myers To Key West

Taking the boat from Fort Myers to Key West is simple!


Seasickness is real! While the Key West Express runs most days, there are times when the weather is bad enough that they will not run tours. In this situation, you will either have to wait until the next day or find another way home. The good news is that if you are in Key West, already there are worst places to be!

Also, if you do get seasick, be sure to take some medicine before you get aboard. I have been on cruises where everyone is puking because of seasickness, but because I planned ahead, I was able to maintain my composure. Trust me when I say you do not want to show up to Key West sick! 

Busy Season 

If you are planning to go down on the boat from Fort Myers to Key West between December and May, we recommend that you book ahead to secure your tickets, especially if you are booking as a group! 

Also, watch for specials during Black Friday and Christmas. Many times the Key West Express will offer a deep discount on trip tickets and more. If you are planning on going as a group, the bulk packages are another way to save big!

Don’t Be Drunk

Key West is known for a few things, and drinking, of course, is one of them! We love to knock a few back, but there is a time and place for that. The boat from Fort Myers to Key West is not the time nor the place for that. Be sure to be sober or stay an extra night if you have to. We have seen people thrown off the boat because they had too much to drink!

Show Up Early 

The Key West Express Ferry is much like another other type of transportation. Be sure to show up early to get a better seat on the boat. This assures your ride from Fort Myers to Key West is perfect! Also, if you haven’t purchased a ticket yet, this can guarantee that you can get tickets for your ride home. 

Take The Boat From Fort Myers To Key West

The Key West Express leaves from Fort Myers Beach. And the terminal is super easy to get to. The best part is that there is plenty of parking.

  • Address: 1200 Main Street Ft. Myers Beach, Florida 33931
  • Price: $172
  • Departs: 8:00 AM

Keep in mind that typically the boat leaves at 8 am, but you should get there by 6 am or so to park and get checked in.

Take The Boat From Key West To Fort Myers

Getting back on is super easy as well. Be sure to get to the terminal a bit early, so you don’t miss the boat. Keep in mind that they also have a boat that goes to Marco Island

The boat departs for Fort Myers from Key West at 6 pm

  • Address: 100 Grinnell Street Key West, FL 33040
  • Price: $60
  • Departs: 6:00 PM

Other Options


Instead of taking the boat from Fort Myers to Key West, take a car!

Driving is a viable option! Some people like it just for the scenic drive.

However, be prepared for a long drive. Even with little traffic (which is never the case) be prepared for at least a 5 hour drive.

However, if you have not driven to the Keys before, it is a must-do before you die!


There currently are not any viable options to fly from Fort Myers to Key West. Your best bet is going to be taking the boat or driving.

Things To Do While In Key West & Fort Myers

Lagerhead Cycleboats

So we have to be a little biased here, but Lagerhead Cycleboats is an excellent time in both Fort Myers and Key West. So no matter where you go you can have a great time with us!

Our Key West booze cruise is the perfect way to experience the best of Key West: Water, sun, and drinks! Our 26 passenger cycleboat (don’t worry you don’t have to pedal!) is perfect for small and large groups to party on! 

The best part? If you can’t make it out with us while in Key West, you can check out our smaller 16 passenger Fort Myers boat tour. It’s the same as our Key West but just a bit smaller but just as much fun!

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