Top 5 Fort Lauderdale Excursions for Your Dream Vacation

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Whether you’re a snowbird traveling down south to beat the blizzards or a south Florida local you’ll find tons of exciting Fort Lauderdale excursions awaiting for you.

Fort Lauderdale beach hosts millions of tourists each year all with one thing in common. Everyone here is looking for unique experiences for their dream vacation. 

You won’t have to look far to find some amazing excursions out in the surf and everywhere between the sand and the city. Fort Lauderdale is the perfect destination where you can book some amazing times under the sun from pearly white beaches, boat cruises, and upscale dining that epitomize a good time!

Read on to learn about the top five absolute best ways to spend your vacations on Fort Lauderdale excursions!

1. Paddle Up a Party with Lagerhead Cycleboats – Our favorite Fort Lauderdale Excursions

If you’ve ever been to a party city where the weather is indelibly warm and inviting, chances are you’ve been on a peddle bike. If you book a cruise with Lagerhead Cycleboats, you can take this peddle bike party to the sea! Just like the ‘landlubber’ version, you can grab your friends and some booze to paddle your way to an awesome time. The difference with Lagerhead Cycleboats is this is also a booze cruise!

Fort Lauderdale Excursions

You and 15 of your friends can climb aboard the pontoon-style boat that navigates the intercoastal waterways of Fort Lauderdale. As you cruise you’ll be enamored with panoramic views, stops at fine dining & bars, with your tunes pumping the whole way!

This paddle boat excursion is perfect for bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays, corporate events, or anyone looking for an amazing time out on the water. Not only are booze cruises an option but there’s fun for the whole family with sunset cruises, private events, and much more! This is the ultimate of all of the Fort Lauderdale excursions!

2. Get a Meal with a View at Mai-Kai Polynesian Dinner Show

Lovers of classic Tiki bars will feel right at home dining at Mai-Kai Polynesian Dinner show! This spot sends you back into the 1950s with song and dances performed while you dine on award-winning Cantonese cuisine.

Performances like the Samoan Fire and Knife Dance will keep you and your family entertained as you make your way through 3 courses—appetizer, entree, and dessert. At Mai-Kai, you’ll come for the show and stay for the ambiance, mimetic of an authentic Polynesian getaway!

3. Find Your Way Out of an Escape Room at Think Escape Games

One of the most interesting new trends in vacation excursions in Fort Lauderdale are ‘escape rooms.’ At Think Escape Games, you and your friends can put your heads together for a fun mental challenge. The reward: think your way out of the room! 

Each room has different clues that you must put together and decipher as if you’re Sherlock Holmes and Houdini put together. Look for patterns, keys, and ways of escape! The games have a variety of narratives with 4 different rooms like Mayan Ruins, Laboratory 51, The Study, and Shady Tavern. Each room has a different theme and ‘storyline’ for you to find your way out!

4. Dive into Downtown, Fork First!

One of the best spots in downtown Fort Lauderdale is Las Olas Boulevard. Especially if you’re looking for some gastronomical experiences. One of the best ways to take on Las Olas is by foot on a walking food tour of the ‘heart and soul’ of downtown. You can fill up on a meal’s worth of food from Sushi to Flatbread in bite-sized portions as you sample everything Las Olas has to offer!

5.  Feel the Wind with an Indoor Sky Diving Experience

Always wanted to go skydiving but can’t shake the feeling of irony from jumping out of a perfectly good plane? Now, you can skip the plane and just have a good time at iFly Fort Lauderdale. Instead of jumping from a plane, guests adorn a flying suit and step into a vertical wind tunnel. 

With this simulation, you’ll feel the sensation of free falling that provides all the adrenaline rush without the cost and danger of skydiving. You can perform all the same aerial moves you would in the sky while in a vertical wind tunnel like flips, tricks, and other maneuvers. There are locations all over South Florida but this is the only one in Fort Lauderdale!

So let us know – what is your favorite of all the Fort Lauderdale excursions! Did we miss any excursions that we should add? Let us know in the comments below!

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