Top Five Hottest Spots for Fort Myers Nightlife

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Looking for the best Fort Myers Nightlife?

For those crested along Florida’s Southwest Coast, which extends out into the Gulf Islands, partying is more of a lifestyle than a vacation. That’s why the thrills surrounding the Fort Myers nightlife are considered pinnacles within this party mecca. What’s awesome about the Fort Myers nightlife is that no matter what your taste and interests are—there’s something here for you!

Whether you like an upscale, dimmed down piano bar with sultry music or you prefer the hive-like dance-until-your-dead nightclubs with lasers and DJs, Fort Myers can cater to your definition of partying!

There are beach pubs with Jimmy Buffet cover bands: resorts with life-sized beer pong arenas, museums, baseball games, wine cellars, nightclubs, craft breweries, and everything in between encompassing Fort Myers nightlife. If you’re looking for a vacation that gives you a full, eclectic experience—this is the place to be! At Lagerheads Cycleboats, we’ve peddled our way around this town and back. We know a thing or two about the nightlife. That’s why we’ve assembled this list of the five hottest nightlife spots in Fort Myers, that’ll have you out until the sun the comes up!

The Best Fort Myers Nightlife

1. Lagerhead Cycleboats

At Lagerheads, we believe in the true spirit of partying: sun-soaked and booze-fueled awesome times filled with laughs and sights! When you climb aboard one of your peddleboats you get the best of everything the Fort Myers nightlife can offer. You can drink your fill, bar hop via the waterways, dance to your own tunes, and even check out the wildlife & gorgeous horizons of the Gulf Coast.

The booze cruise stops at local hot spots in the world of the Fort Myers nightlife. Bar hopping spots include Doc Fords, Nervous Nellies, and Nauti Parrot Bar Dock Bar. Between peddling to these bars and the booze you bring aboard, we’re positive you’ll feel ‘three sheets from the wind!’ Afterward, we stop to ‘land ho’ at Bowditch Park so you can take in the breathtaking views! Make Lagerhead Cycleboats your first stop in the tidal wave that is the Fort Myers nightlife. You can even book a bachelor or bachelorette party!

2. Buddha Nightclub

Whoever said Buddhist couldn’t rock n’ roll? This nightclub is for the hardcore party-people who want to toast over face-melting guitar solos. The former nightclub used to be a Chinese restaurant and the giant Buddha statue is the last vestige of this—hence the name the Buddha Nightclub. Both touring and local bands come to grace the stage at this rockin’ piece of Fort Myers nightlife. The drinks are cold and the music is loud!

3. Art Walk and Music Walk

When you live in Fort Myers you don’t have to wait around for the weekend to get gregariously swept away in the nightlife. In the Downtown River District, you can check out the First Friday Art Walk. Museums, exhibits, and galleries stay open late and serve wine, while the bars set up booths along the district serving alcohol for art patrons walking along the streets. There’s tons of live music! Just like the Music Walk which takes place on the third Friday of the month. It’s an outdoor party with tunes for every taste!

4. Skybar

Now, there’s a reason many vacationers skip out on the high prices and ostentatious flair of Miami but once every now and then you want the pompous scene in your nightlife. Skybar is waterfront rooftop bar that makes up the top floor of The Firestone Grille. It’s a great place for dinner or a nightcap. Everyone and everything is beautiful up on the rooftop! There’s a full dinner menu as well as tasty cocktails that epitomize the Fort Myers nightlife like the Skybiscus Martini.

5. Gametime Restaurant Sports Bar & Arcade

Fort Myers NightlifeAn amazing thing about the Fort Myers nightlife is that every crowd is blended. You could be on a dance floor next to college kids, businessmen in suits, and a local dressed in khaki shorts and a Hawaiian shirt! It’s all welcome here, and one bar that truly expresses this open-mindedness is a href=”” target=”_blank”>Gametime Restaurant Sports Bar & Arcade. It’s fun for everyone no matter how old, or how much you like to party. Gametime has t.v.s everywhere no matter which sports team your rooting for and the arcade is loaded with arcade games from classic pinball to Luigi’s Mansion.

6. The 86 Room

Take a step back in time and enjoy some classic cocktails at The 86 Room.

Complete with their own 1920’s style cocktails, they also look and dress the part! If you come you better enjoy yourself a nice strong drink. Be sure to order the old fashion if you are up to it!

7. City Tavern

If you are looking for your classic American bar look no further than City Tavern.

With all of the beers and cocktails that you crave you can go wrong in this classic all American bar.

Don’t forget that they also have some great food so check out their menu if you are hungry.

Don’t wait up! Book your vacation party spot now!

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