Ft. Myers Boat Rental Where You Can Party and Paddle!

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Ft. Myers Boat Rental
Lagerhead Cycleboats is an amazingly fun and unique experience your family and friends can embark on! Whether you’re looking to get a little tipsy on the sea or take the kids out for a trip they’ll never forget—our Ft. Myers boat rental is the best way to enjoy the southern Florida coast!

5 Reasons Lagerhead is the Hands-Down Best Ft. Myers Boat Rental

Fort Myers beach hugs up against the western coast of Florida. It can be easily argued that this place is the best vacation spot in the state. First off, Ft. Myers has everything! You’ll never have to look to find things to do in Fort Myers. If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation with boat rentals, golfing, and 5-Star dinners this beach can supply that! College kids flock by the thousand for spring break to party their way up and down the shore. Fort Myers also has family-oriented attractions like theme parks, arcades, and lively children’s museums. No matter what your taste, there’s no shortage of fun-filled actives to fill your vacation time in Fort Myers. Trust us, our captains are experts at having fun!

So, what makes Lagerhead Cycleboats Ft. Myers boat rental so much fun?

The Peddle Experience

The idea for Lagerhead started when we saw 12-person bicycles crawling through the street in party towns across the country. Everyone on these cycle parties everyone is having a blast! You drink, you cycle, and stop at bars along the way. So, we thought why not bring this experience to the dazzling waterways right off Fort Myers Beach? Why not take the pub cycle idea and turn it into a boat rental? Dreams became reality and we launched a new awesome way to party!

Even if you’re not the athletic type, peddling gets you out of your comfort zone. You can try something really fun that you’ve never done before—peddling your own boat rental just like a bicycle. Ass the drinks you can bring aboard and a few stops at the local Ft. Myers nightlife and you’ve got a recipe for awesome memories! If you get too tired, we can always switch over to let the engines do the peddling for you!

Seaworthy Comfort

Comfy Seating

Each Lagerhead Cycleboat has ergonomic seating whether you’re at a pedal station or just lounging on the benches.

Keep those Drinks Cold!

We have coolers for the drinks you bring aboard and cup holders that keep those drinks within reach.

Enjoy the Views

The way the boat’s designed you’ll have majestic views of the beach and horizon no matter where you look. This gives our party-goers an immersive sea voyage along the mangroves, docks, and waterways of the Matazanas Bay.

Play Your Own Music

The party never stops when you plug in your own music and you can easily charge your devices aboard. Not to mention, our captains are more than happy to D.J. for you!

Overhead Shady Canopy

One of the most important amenities of our boat rentals is the canopy overhead. This keeps the sun from beating down on your party as you traverse the sea.

Enjoy the Nightlife & Nature!

Fort Myers beach has some world renown nightclubs where you can dance into the night with the music pumping! There are moonlit skybars, grungy dives, even artsy piano bars. Of course, along the beach, you’ll get wooden deck restaurant & grills worthy of Margaritaville! Two of these bars—Nervous Nellies & Doc Fords—is where we make our stops so Lagerhead party-goers can refresh their drinks and grab some world class seafood.

Anyone who’s been to Ft. Myers Beach will also tell you that alongside the partying there’s another way to have fun—enjoying the natural beauty. This is why we named our boat rental company after the Lagerhead turtle, to pay tribute to this amazing endangered animal! The animals and mangroves on the periphery of the beach make great places to explore by sight and there’s no better way to check out the Matazanas Pass then by paddleboat!

Our Captains’ Accommodations

Our Certified Licensed Captains are professionals at making sure your sea voyage is safe but also tons of fun. As locals to Fort Myers, they know all the best spots and stories that make this vacation spot downright charming. Our captains and first mates are hand-selected to ensure you have a great time on your booze cruise.

Think of your captain as both your party host and your skipper. If you climb aboard our boat rentals, you know you’ll be in good hands!

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Everyone’s Welcome Aboard!

At Lagerhead, we know there’s more than one way to have a good time. We welcome parties of all kinds from the college crowd to corporate events. If you’re bringing your family aboard we take all the necessary precautions to keep your little ones safe. This is why we offer 3 different Ft. Myers boat rentals to cater to any style of fun you’re looking to have on Fort Myers Beach.

The Fun Cruise

Our Fun Cruise is a classic booze cruise where you can bring drinks on board. We peddle through the waterway docking at a few bars before finally landing on Bowditch park to take photos of the sunset.

The Sun Cruise

The Sun Cruise swings through the Matazanas Bay with ocean life in the periphery with plenty to see along the way. This cruise also stops at Bowditch park where you can explore the point and take vacation photos to commemorate the occasion.

Private Parties

Our Private Parties boat tour lets you handpick the stops and length of your cruise. This option’s great for corporate events, birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or any other reason worth celebrating.

Get aboard the best Ft. Myers boat rental today!

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