How to Plan an Awesome Fort Lauderdale Bachelor Party

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fort lauderdale bachelor party

It’s the last fling before the ring. 

If you’re planning a bachelor party, whether it’s for your best friend or yourself, you know how stressful it can be to get all of the guys together. It’s tough finding a decent hotel and daytime activities.

There’s no need to worry anymore because Fort Lauderdale has everything you’re looking for and more. It’s the perfect Florida escape to have fun and make some memories you may (or may not) remember. 

Below is a guide on planning the perfect Fort Lauderdale bachelor party. Get ready to book your plane tickets. 

Places to Stay

Because Fort Lauderdale is such a popular area, especially in the summer, you’ll need to book your stay as soon as possible. There are plenty of hotel rooms and Airbnbs to choose from. 

The W Fort Lauderdale is a large Marriot hotel only a few miles from the airport. You’ll find 2 infinity pools, a bar, and a spa. Rooms are around $485 per night. 

If you’re aiming for ultimate luxury, check out The Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale. It’s right on the beach and close to many bars and clubs. Rooms average $520 per night. 

For a more affordable stay, browse sites such as Airbnb and VRBO. Many rentals on these platforms are more affordable and can accommodate large parties. Chat with the attending guests about splitting the cost of lodging.

Schedule Day Activities

No matter what type of groom and group you’re traveling with, there are tons of bachelor party ideas for daytime activities in this city. Chat with the groom about his favorite activities, and make it happen!

If you all aren’t sure what you’d like to do, we’ll offer some help. 

Beach Day

An obvious daytime activity for any Flordia bachelor party is a beach day. Beach days fit any sort of budget and offer fun or relaxation. 

Are you staying at a hotel on the beach? Order a few chairs and umbrellas for the group, and don’t forget the cold drinks. If anyone gets a bit too sick while celebrating on the beach, walking back to the room won’t take long. 

Don’t worry if you’re not staying on the beach because there’s plenty of public beach access. Call an Uber from your hotel, or rent a car to pile everyone in at the same time. Make sure you packed the sunscreen.

Booze Cruise

Does the beach sound a bit too boring? Have fun on the water on a Fort Lauderdale booze cruise

Research your options of booze cruises, and don’t forget to check out the maximum number of guests each boat can fit. You’ll also want to explore the different package types and make notes of the cost per person.

Depending on what you book, drinks may be provided or it may be a BYOB cruise. Confirm all details before your trip. 


Get out on the green during your stay. There are plenty of courses to choose from, including the Ft. Lauderdale Country Club and Coral Ridge Country Club. 

To make it easy for everyone involved, find a course near the place you’re staying. Traffic can be heavy much of the time in Fort Lauderdale, and you don’t want to miss any reservations later in the day. 

Look at each course’s site to confirm the operating hours and costs. 

Explore the Nightlife

While Fort Lauderdale is fun during the day, it lights up even brighter at night. Take a night or 2 to enjoy the bars and clubs the city has to offer. 

Many bachelor parties enjoy deciding on a whim where to head for the night depending on quick Google phone searches or suggestions from the locals. However, if you want bottle service, you’ll often need to book ahead of time. 

For a wild night of reggaeton and top hits, check out Euro Club. This club knows how to throw a party, and they offer exclusive promotions for VIP tables and bottle service. 

Enjoy an amazing rooftop view at the Rooftop @1WLO. It’s a pricier venue for drinks, but the delicious light bites and view make it worth it. This is a great place to act classy before letting loose on a dancefloor.

If the groom enjoys small, local dive bars, look into Mickey’s 19th Hole Bar or Laser Wolf. These more intimate bars are great for meeting locals and enjoying more affordable drinks.

Don’t Forget the Food

To keep everyone happy, make sure their stomachs are full. Fort Lauderdale has plenty of places to either grab a quick bite or enjoy a decadent meal. 

Head to The Wharf for games, food trucks, and craft cocktails. It’s a vibrant setting everyone in your party will love. The Wharf is great for a sunny day bite.

Are you craving seafood? Shooters Waterfront is a large restaurant serving up delicious seafood bites on the water. You’ll definitely want to make reservations for this place.

To cure any morning sickness, you’ll need a great breakfast spot. Jet Runaway Cafe, Lester’s Diner, and Joe’s Cafe are just a few of the affordable, delicious breakfast spots the city has to offer. 

If what you’re really needing is a cup of coffee, there are plenty of local coffee shops to pop into during your stay. Try Brew Next Door, Magnolia Coffee, or Circle House Coffee.

Plan the Ultimate Fort Lauderdale Bachelor Party

Every groom deserves one last celebration before his big day. Plan the ultimate Fort Lauderdale bachelor party for the ultimate weekend. 

Stay at a waterfront resort, or book a more affordable Airbnb. Plan a booze cruise with the boys, and don’t forget to grab a VIP table at a club for the night. You also won’t want to miss out on the delicious food the city has to offer. 

For the most exciting Fort Lauderdale party boat experience, check out our cycle boat or standard party boat cruise. No matter your choice, you’ll have the time of your life. Book your boat now, and don’t forget to print out the directions