How to Plan the Ultimate Bachelor Party in Fort Myers

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(Pssst…it even includes a pedal-powered-pub-crawling private boat tour)

So, you have the task of planning a Fort Myers bachelor party

Or least helping plan a Fort Myers bachelor party?  

Or, maybe you’re the bride and are scouting for a few stellar ideas for your man? You know, so you can drop some hints to the best man because you want your guy to have one remarkable bash that he will thoroughly enjoy too.

One way or another you have been tasked with an important responsibility to fulfill—planning your friend’s bachelor party.

It can be scary. True. (We’ve all seen the movies or heard real-life horror stories).  And you don’t want to host a dud of an event either.

No worries. We see a lot of Bachelor parties, and we’ve learned a few things about throwing a phenomenal one. So, we’ve compiled an easy-to-follow, fail-proof guide for throwing the ultimate Fort Myers Bachelor Party.

What Does the Ultimate Bachelor Party Look Like?

The party you are about to throw for your friend is more than a glorified final frat party.  What it’s really about is designing a moment of bonding time and a chance to do activities that you might not get to do together as easily once your friend ties the knot.  Don’t worry, as sappy as all that sounds, it doesn’t have to look it on the outside.  

Creating this “Bro-we-are-gonna-miss-you” moment is what makes it a memorable bash.

Your interpretation of how this celebration looks is endless.  It can still be a night of the traditional drinking and “dancing,” or it can be a rejuvenating weekend camping trip.  Outdoor-based bachelor parties are on trend.  The trick is to make it 100% personalized to the groom. 

What activities does he most like to share with his closest guy friends?  What have you talked about doing but never got around to planning? Deep sea fishing? Maybe renting that impressive beach house and just chilling for days? What about reserving a private boat for a fun day in the sun? Or arranging tickets to a sporting event? You could all rent jet skis—or those water jet pack things? 

These answers are your ticket to creating a custom, talk-about-for-years bachelor party.

Whether you focus on one activity or string a few together, the goal is to focus on doing something together and cherishing the uninterrupted time you have set aside to hang out with each other as a group of friends. (Translation: your friend would rather spend time with you than a stranger in a G-string.  And if not, well, that party should be really easy to plan.)

Now that you’ve got the creative juices going, how do you pull it all together?  We’ve got you.

What Are the Main Elements of a Perfectly Planned Fort Myers Bachelor Party?

No matter where or how big of a party, there are a few fundamental elements that should be considered when planning any bachelor party.  We broke it down to eight:

  • GUEST LIST– Do this early in the planning stages. Not only so the invitations can get out on time, but so that you can book the appropriate accommodations. Note: while planning the bachelor party you will not want to burden the groom with all the details and decisions—except for the guest list.  He gets a final stamp of approval of who comes to his party.
  • SET A DATE-Generally a month before the wedding.  A week before at the latest.  NOT the night before.  That craziness is only for the movies.  Nobodies stress levels need to be that high.  It would be good to consult with the bride and make sure your dates don’t conflict with any of the groom’s responsibilities for the wedding.
  • INVITATIONS-Yes, a group text would do the job. But you can do better. Maybe whip up something totally amusing and custom on the free Canva site to send out—digital or printed.  The invitations set the tone for the whole celebration; don’t start off weak. They should be sent out at least three weeks before the party. Tip: Take it a step further and plan a series of emails to follow.  They will build hype and be an easy way to communicate all the details that don’t fit in the invitations.
  • SELECT THE ACTIVITES-Plan the party around an activity (or activities). Yes, of course, clubs can be included (if the groom—and his bride—want them to be). But there needs to be something to DO as well.  Remember the goal is to create moments for the groom to enjoy his closest friends. Luckily, Fort Myers is an easy destination to keep the party moving. Check out this long list of ideas for inspiration.
  • BUDGET-Create and stick to a budget. Blech. How boring is that? But setting a budget that the guest list can afford—and is prepared for—will allow everyone to relax and be present in the moment. Remember, the groom pays for nothing and his costs will be divided between the rest of the guests.  Be as clear as possible about the money you need as early as possible.  You’ll need it for reservations, rentals, and refreshments. 
  • DINNER AND A TOAST– No matter what activities your party is centered around, a manly feast should be included. Here’s where the toasting happens. And a proper toast is an essential ingredient in any bachelor party.  If you are the best man, time to plan yours out.  And encourage other guests to prepare a toast themselves.  (Remember that comment about creating a bonding moment…here is where it can border on sappy and be completely OK)
  • ACCOMMODATIONS-Everyone needs a place to sleep.  The groom shouldn’t be jockeying for positions between the couch or floor. Once you’ve got the guest list nailed down, you could rent a relaxing Airbnb for the group or go for a totally inclusive resort like the Lani Kai. You’d be right on the beach, have several restaurants to choose from, and entertainment on location.
  • PRE-ARRANGE TRANSPORTATION-All transportation should be planned out before the night starts.  Most bachelor parties are not compatible with driving. Pre-plan and avoid get separated or spending the night waiting around.  Solutions can be as simple as Uber or luxurious as a limo (or any other extravagant set of wheels).

Planning Your Fort Myers Bachelor Party on a Private Pub-Pedaling Booze Cruise

Ok, now you’ve got your inspiration and your To Do list.  But you still have to pull it all together.

Planning your bachelor party—or even just one element of your party—on a private Lagerheads Cycleboat Cruise makes it easy to check a ton of those boxes off in one swoop.  

What do our Bachelor Parties look like?  Let’s take a peek…

You and your friends (up to 16 total) rent a private a 25-foot cycle-propelled catamaran.  Your boat rental will come with a US Coast Guard Master Captain and an additional crew member whose job it is to make sure your celebration is brag-worthy. 

Fort Myers Bachelor Party

As your party gathers around the large bar top on cycle-stools, you’ll pedal down the river.  Of course there are non-cycling seating options too. And, if you prefer, the captain can just crank the engines, and you won’t have to do a thing. But why do that?  It’s fun to pedal!

Your private bachelor party cruise is completely customizable. Including making it into a pedal-powered-pub-crawl hitting all of Fort Myers hottest waterfront bars and grills.  Pull up your boat up to the dock, enjoy the scene, then pedal on down to the next dock. Repeat. Even better, you get to bring your own favorite beverages on the boat…so the party just keeps on rolling. Seamlessly. 

Here are few of the bars that you can add to your Fort Myers Bachelor Party itinerary:

  • Doc Ford’s Rum Bar and Grille
  • Nervous Nellies
  • Nauti Parrot Dock Bar
  • Matanzas on the Bay

Plus—no worries—you’ve got a captain at the helm.

This booze cruise combines the ideal mix of hitting some of Fort Myers hottest scenes while still creating intimate moments to just really hang out as a group and enjoy each other. (Which, remember, is the whole point.)  And, all the while you’ll have the gorgeous waterfront and palm-tree lined canals floating by as a backdrop to your private event.

Besides being a lively and memorable experience, Lagerheads Cycleboats will make your event even more special with the details.  Decorations? Check.  Party favors? Check. DJ? Check.  Add a special stop? Check.  Arrange a Limo to and from? Check…you get the picture.  It’s your Fort Myers bachelor party.

Personalization, Personalization, Personalization…

Details.  It is what will make all the difference in your bachelor party.  

You’ve already adjusted the “traditional bachelor party entertainment choices” to a level that the groom, his bride, and the guests are comfortable with. (Right? Of course, you did.) You picked activities with his interests in mind.  And you made a checklist of all the important to do’s so there won’t be any hiccups or lulls.

What else?

What about his favorite drinks?  Whether you are on the beach, on a BYOB cycleboat, or renting stunning a beach house, know and bring his favorites.

Same for food, does he have a peculiar favorite sandwich?  Grab his favorite quirky ingredients and stock the coolers.

Nothing is more personalized than our choices in music.  Create a playlist especially for the bachelor party.  Throw in a few songs that you know are the groom’s favorites and few that brings a memory of him.  Include the guests in the playlist creation.  You’ll find a time to play it.  Whether it’s while you are riding in the limo, floating down the Fort Myers waterfront, or chilling poolside.  

Create a personalized hashtag just for the bachelor party. Not only will it help you build the buzz, but it helps you round up all the images afterward (especially nice if the real memories are a bit on the fuzzy side).

You Got This.  

It’s a big responsibility, a big task, but you can throw your best bud the most heartfelt, epic, unforgettable Fort Myers bachelor party of anyone you know. Have fun with it.

And, if you do want to rent a private boat tour with Lagerhead Cycleboats, we’ll make this gigantic task a bit easier.  Just get in touch.

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