Take a Pedal Voyage Boat Tour of Fort Myers Waterways

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There are dozens of Boat Tours in Fort Myers, but like all things, not all are created equal. At Lagerhead Cycleboats, we keep in the mind the words of Jacques Cousteau, an explorer of all forms of water life and so much more.

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

Jacques Yves Cousteau

Yes, we love to party our way across The Matazanas Harbor into the Estero Pass, but along the way, we never lose respect for the sea. Our captains know how to have a good time, but also know how to admire the water and sea life beneath our boats. We named our peddleboats in celebration of that harmony between partying and sea life. Lagerheads for the turtles and for the beer!

What Can You Expect from a Boat Tour in Fort Myers?

Fort Myers is seven miles of lustrous coastline punctuated with resorts and mangroves alike. A synergy exists here between the college crowds that descend upon Fort Myers beaches and the aquatic life that calls this place home. When you take a boat tour and explore the waterways around Fort Myers, you’re taking the opportunity to soak in this maritime accord. Whether you’re looking to day-drink your way into the sunset or spot a pod of dolphins, a boat tour of Fort Myers is a truly gratifying experience.

The beach hugs the coastline between an island of mangroves & hardwood hammocks and beach resorts & bars. You can take a boat tour of Fort Myers through the waves to check out the fleet of Shrimp Boats idling around Estero and San Carlos Island. Or, you dock up against Bowditch Park and watch the sun disappear beneath the horizon. The water and land are teeming with species of fish, birds, crustaceans, and more!

Native Species

Sea Turtles. The sea turtles emerge from the warm Gulf of Mexico waters to nest along the beaches right here in Fort Myers! During the turtle egg-laying season, Fort Myers Florida gets to host several species of turtles, which gives us many opportunities to glimpse them and ensures that no two sightings will be exactly alike. Species that nest here include: Loggerhead turtles, Hawksbill turtles, Green Turtles, Kemp’s Ridley Turtles, as well as Leatherback Turtles. These turtles are annual visitors, and may be returning to the very same beach where they hatched!

Manatees. The Florida Manatee is a beloved gentle giant of the sea and is unfortunately endangered. A myriad of devastating effects has forced the population too low points. Yet his resilient creature has been making recent headway in recovering its population counts back to its former glory. Manatees are mammals that can reach up to 10-feet and 1,200 pounds. They feed on local sea vegetation and move slowly as they graze—earning their nickname—the seacow. During the cold winter months, many of the Fort Myers manatees swim over to Manatee Park where they enjoy the warm waters generated by the Fort Myers Power Plant.

Dolphins. The most popular dolphin sighted off the shores of Fort Myers is the Atlantic Bottlenosed Dolphin. Technically, a Cetacea, a grouping whales that include the Baleen Whales and Porpoises. These small-toothed, warm-blooded animals can live in salt, fresh, and brackish waters. The coastal dolphins that live here can reach nine feet in length and can grow up to 500 pounds. You can see them year-round on Boat Tours in Fort Myers!

Birds. Mangroves, tidal flats, and hardwood hammocks make great perches for an abundance of bird species along the coast of Fort Myers. Popular species include: Great Blue Heron, Brown Pelican, White Ibis, Reddish Egret, Roseate Spoonbill, Great Egret, Frigate Bird, Anhinga, Green Heron, Cattle egret, and Cormorant.

Fish Species. There are countless species of fish that are native to Fort Myers and sometimes boat tours are lucky enough to see schools of these beautiful animals. Popular species include: Snook, Gag Grouper, Goliath Grouper, Gray Mangrove Snapper, Great Barracuda, Hogfish, Sheepshead, and Tomtate.

Crustaceans & Invertebrates. Mangroves, docks, and artificial reefs make excellent places for Barnacles, Shrimp, Crab, Sea Worms, and Mussels to live on.

Land Animals. No ocean dwelling is complete without the land animals that also live along the shores. Animals like Possums, Raccoons, Gopher Tortoises, Eastern Indigo Snakes, Garter Snakes, Blacksnakes and Mangrove Fox Squirrels all live along the hammocks of the Matazana Nature Preserve.

Things to Keep in Mind

Taking a boat tour of Fort Myers gives vacationers an interesting perspective to see these animals in their natural habitats. We love and respect these animals and observing is encouraged as long we’re doing our part to ensure the safety and comfort of the animals you encounter along the boat tour. What’s unique about our boats is that they are peddle powered. Lagerhead Cycleboats don’t make the loud noises that propellers do. This is a less intrusive way to take to the water.

Interested in exploring? Book your Boat Tour of Fort Myers now!

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