Top 5 Key West Excursions [For Royal Caribbean & Carnival Cruises]

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Key West Excursions For Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruises

Are you coming to Key West on your next Carnival or Royal Caribbean cruise? Whether it is your first time to Key West or you have been here before, there are tons of excursions you can do during your short stay on the island! It’s no surprise that many tourists are wishing to extend their stay on this picturesque island in west Florida.

With a rich history, breathtaking views, adrenaline pumping adventures, and exhilarating night life, Key West will surely be one of your favorite stops on your next sunset cruise.

The options can be overwhelming. And because we want you to have best experiences out of your Key West cruise, we’ve compiled the best excursions for Royal Caribbean Key West and Carnival Key West passengers.

What To Know About Key West Excursions

As with any shore excursion to Key West, Florida, you will have the option to book directly with your cruise line or book direct with the tour operator. Either way, be sure to book early to ensure that you secure your date and time. This is particularly important during the peak season, when throngs of tourists and locals head to the island to relax and party.

If you book directly with the operator, be sure that they offer the following:

  • A cruise ship excursion friendly tour
  • You will be picked up and dropped off at the cruise terminal
  • A promise that you will not be late when returning from the tour

Also, it is always wise to call the excursion operator to ensure they will offer you a top-notch tour service and get you back to the boat on time. Furthermore, be sure to look at their reviews to ensure they provide a legitimate service!

Also, it is always wise to call the excursion operator to ensure they will offer you a top-notch tour service and get you back to the boat on time. Furthermore, be sure to look at their reviews to ensure they provide a legitimate service!

There are lots of companies that offer Key West excursions. Not all of them are the same. But you’ll surely find a large portion that has excellent services. Also, let the operator know if you want a full day or half day tour. Verify if they also jet ski rides, walking tours, dolphin watch, or any other activity your group would like to have.

Whether you are booking a Royal Caribbean Key West excursion or Carnival Key West excursion, be sure to check with the excursion operator directly.

Take Your Own Key West Excursion

Key West is a fantastic destination, and one of the safest cities in the West Florida, and even the USA. Therefore, don’t be afraid to explore the city on your own. Just walking down the quiet streets (or the loud ones) is an excellent experience in itself. Sometimes the most memorable things are those outside the itinerary! But of course, it also pays to have a schedule on your cruise to Key West, especially if your time is limited.

If you choose to do it yourself, be sure to check out the following:


One of the most fun things to do in Key West is to just go outside and explore! The place is overflowing with incredible sights, tasty food, and exciting activities.

There are so many options to choose from! One of the most popular things to do are grab a bike and hit the street. Also, golf cart rentals are a fun way to keep your group together while visiting one place to another. It’s an ideal way to get the local vibe and truly experience how it feels to be living in this Key West.

Along the way, be sure to check out:


Southernmost point – No explanation needed! This is the southernmost point in the USA and it offers spectacular views and gets you that classic Instagram photo!

Hemingway House – If you get a chance, take a quick tour of the famed authors home. For cat lovers, this is a must!  The Ernest Hemingway House was the residence of author Ernest Hemingway in Key West, Florida, United States. It is one of the first properties on the island to be fitted with indoor plumbing, and the first on Key West to have an upstairs bathroom with running water, fed from a rain cistern on the roof. It is a private, tourist attraction now populated by six- and seven-toed cats that are descendants of Ernest Hemingway’s cats.


There are so many unique stores in Key West, offering some fantastic opportunities to purchase one-of-a-kind gifts. There’s a store for various sorts of sauces, hand-rolled cigars, Siberian fir candle, handmade sandals, and many more! You can also find stores of clothing with ethnic embroidery.

Be sure to check them out as you walk off the cruise ship and on Duval street.


Eating outside listening to some live local music is a must-do while in Key West. Even if you are there for the day, it is a great way to pass the time! I would recommend a few spots, but there are so many I can’t!

Just imagine this: You’re sitting outside on a lovely evening. The moon hanging low and the breeze is carrying the scent of grilled meat soaked in herb sauce. A band is playing a local beat while people are singing and laughing. What a life, right?

Check out some of the top reviewed restaurants on your favorite app!


It’s no secret that Key West likes to party. While in town, stop at a few of the iconic bars and order your favorite drink or try a local favorite! I heard there are plenty of bars offering original mixes.

If you are cruising, this is a great way to save some money and get your drink. I can promise you that Key West’s bars can compete with other high-end bars around the world.

Many bars are also open during the day for those who want to sunbathe with their favorite drinks.

The Top Key West Excursions For Royal Caribbean & Carnival Cruises 

Lagerhead Cycleboats

We are biased, but we genuinely think our excursions are one of the best excursions you can take! It truly is a full Key West experience from start to finish. Of course, our previous clients can attest to this.

Lagerhead Cycleboats know Key West, Florida by heart. We offer marine life exploration, romantic sunset cruises, and many other activities that can make your cruises to Key West unforgettable.

Our 2.5 hour Key West booze cruise allows you to get out on the water and party like a local. Oh, did we mention that you don’t have to pedal and that drinks are included?


$59 Per Person

What’s Included:

  • Drinks – All included!
  • Music – play your music on our iPad
  • Cups
  • Ice & Coolers
  • Restroom

Check out our guide to Key West boat tours. If you have any question, feel free to ask us.

Dry Tortugas National Park

If you have a chance and your cruise ship has enough time, take a boat ride over to Dry Tortugas National Park – you will not be disappointed!

Dry Tortugas National Park is Key West’s best spot for undisturbed tropical ecosystem with significant historic artifacts. It has bountiful sea life, colorful coral reefs, and legends of sunken treasures and shipwrecks. You should also visit the Fort Jefferson, which is a massive but unfinished coastal fortress. May people who take cruises to Key West are drawn to the impressive historical experience and world-class snorkeling.

World Famous Tour Conch Train

Since 1958 the Conch train has been entertaining visitors to Key West. This iconic tour is a great way to sit back / relax and enjoy the history of Key West on a fully narrated tour.

The Conch Tour Train is a 90-minute, fully-narrated sightseeing tour of Key West that concentrates on the historic Old Town. It highlights the Adubon House, Duval Street, Historic Seaport, Hemingway House, Key West Aquarium, Lighthouse, and Southernmost Point. It makes three stops on its route to allow passengers to shop, stroll around art galleries, try mouth-watering refreshments, and just feel the local atmosphere.

With reasonable rates and multiple tours leaving all day long, there isn’t much of a reason not to try this Key West excursion.

After all, you can’t have over 15 million customers and be doing something wrong!


$180 Per Person

What’s Included:

  • Breakfast / lunch
  • Fully narrated tour
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Beach walk
  • Entrance to the fort

Dolphin Watch with Snorkel Stop

Have a family, want to see the nature scenes that Key West has to offer?

Be sure to check out this excursion!

Have a family, want to see the nature scenes that Key West has to offer? Key West has an abundant marine life and undisturbed underwater ecosystem, making it habitable for numerous marine animals.

With a 98% success rate in seeing Dolphins and other wildlife, this excursion is sure to be exciting and fun.


$78 Per Person

What’s Included:

  • Everything is included!
  • Drinks – alcoholic and non
  • Snorkel gear
  • Captain and Crew
  • Check out and book the tour here

Check out and book the tour here!

If you want to get the most out of your Key West cruise, it’s best to have your excursions handled by a company that knows Key West, Florida by heart. Call Lagerhead Cycleboats now!

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