Why You Should Celebrate on a Party Boat? A Guide

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Why you should celebrate on a party boat

Are you a lover of the open water and looking for a way to celebrate an upcoming event? If so, then a party boat is the way to go!

You might be asking why you should celebrate on a party boat? Well, there are plenty of reasons to get your friends together and hop aboard. 

Besides the obvious of food, friends, party favors, and fun, a party boat is a way to go for birthdays, weddings, office gatherings, and so much more. You’ll be delighted that you made a party boat your go-to choice for the evening extravaganza. 

Be sure to keep reading for our guide on why you need to celebrate on a party boat.

Have a Private Party

One of the number one reasons to have a boat party is you will feel like you’re at the most private party ever! 

Compared to inviting your friends out to a restaurant or bar, you’re all out on the water away from everyone else. It will only be you, your friends, and your family on the boat of your choice.  

When you’re partying on a boat, you will find the privacy you need to do whatever you want. It is like your own private venue space, except you’re in the middle of the open water. You’ll find that no one else can bother you or take away from your fun night. 

Find the Right Size For Your Party

Something you might be wondering when figuring out how to party on a boat is if you will be able to find the right size for your party. Whether you want to have a small birthday yacht party or a large one, then you can be accommodated to fit. 

There are tons of different types of party boat rentals that will fit the number of guests you want to invite to your party. 

Be sure to chat with the person you’re renting from to get all the details. They will recommend the perfect boat for your size party and what you plan to do. 

You can even try out a cycle boat! Everyone has to pedal to get the boat moving. These boats are fun and fabulous for birthday parties. 

Plan an Interesting Menu

When you’re thinking about the menu for your party boat, the menu can be very versatile. You could either serve a full course meal, snacks, appetizers, or anything that you choose. 

Some people even decide to have their boat party catered so that they can sit back and enjoy the food that is being served. The choice is completely up to you, but you should let your guests know ahead of time so that they can prepare especially if you won’t be serving a lot of food. 

There are tons of fun snacking items you can bring on a party boat. Many people are going to prefer finger foods that they can grab and keep moving. Especially compared to a full meal that might feel a bit more difficult to eat. 

Have a Nautical Themed Party

If you struggle to come up with a theme for your party, then your boat party theme is already figured out. A nautical theme is perfect for anyone who plans to throw a boat party!

You can include your nautical themes on invitations, party favors, decorations, and so much more.

Something else you can do is dress in a nautical theme for your party! Have all your guests do it too. It is a fun way to get everyone in the nautical mood and go out on the open water. 

Have a Dance Party 

One of the biggest boat celebration tips is that you need to make sure you have a rocking playlist so that your guests will be able to dance the night away. Party boats are notorious for having outstanding dance parties. 

If you want your guests to have fun dancing, then make sure you make a fun and upbeat playlist beforehand. When you’re inviting your guests, then you can ask them what songs they want to hear on the boat. 

Doing this will help you to create a playlist that everyone is interested in listening to while on the party boat. Whenever the song that they requested comes on, you’ll find that they can’t help either dancing or singing to it. Everyone will have fun listening to each other’s songs and waiting for their song to come on. 

More Than Dancing

If you love the water and are thinking about partying on a boat but don’t want the stigma of drinking and dancing, there are so many other things you can do at a boat party. Getting your friends together to celebrate on a boat is like celebrating anywhere else!

You can play fun party games like “never have I ever.” Doing this will help you to learn a lot about the people that you invite to your party. You’ll all have fun laughing the night away on your yacht rental. 

Another fun thing to do is play card games or board games when you’re on the party boat. Especially if you’re on a pedal boat, then you can have fun playing cards while you’re pedaling away.

Karaoke is another exceptional way to have fun while on a party boat. You’ll find that you and your friends love picking fun songs to belt out and impress each other with throughout the night. Even if none of you are singers, it is still fun to pretend that you’re a professional. 

Learning Why You Should Celebrate on a Party Boat

So if you’re asking yourself the question, “Why you should celebrate on a party boat,” now you know! There are tons of great reasons why celebrating on a party boat is a great option, especially if in Fort Lauderdale. 

Are you looking to book your Fort Meyers or Fort Lauderdale party boat tour today? We have some amazing party boats that will work for any event. Be sure to check us out and book an event right away! 

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