Everything to Consider When Choosing Boat Rentals for Parties

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choosing boat rentals

Florida is located in the perfect spot for having an epic party in the sunshine. After all, the weather in Florida is almost always perfect! Are you planning a party of your own? You may want to have fun on the water, and with a popular party boat, you can make that happen. The problem lies in figuring out which company … Read More

All Day Fun: The Best Things to Do in Fort Myers Beach

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things to do in fort myers beach

Florida is home to some amazing cities where you can enjoy the salty spray of the ocean or the cozy corners of a coffee shop. One of those cities is Fort Myers. There is an abundance of Fort Myers activities that visitors and residents alike enjoy. That’s especially true if you enjoy heading to the Fort Myers beach! If you’re looking for … Read More

How to Plan the Perfect Bachelorette Boat Party

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bachelorette boat party

Being chosen as the maid of honor is a huge privilege. However, it also comes with a number of responsibilities.  You’re expected to help wipe her happy tears and to help her choose her dress, among other tasks. However, possibly the most important job you have is to plan her bachelorette party.  As your bestie, the bride definitely deserves a bachelorette party that … Read More

What Do You Bring to a Boat Party? The Complete Checklist

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Nothing is quite like partying on a boat. Sure, you could choose a different venue, but why would you want to? You get to experience the sun, water, and crystal clear skies while enjoying yourself amongst your friends. There really isn’t any reason not to.  But what should you bring to your boat party? There are some items you should … Read More

The Top 3 Best Bachelor Party Ideas

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bachelor party ideas

Stag parties aren’t what they used to be. Rather than simply getting drunk and heading to the strip club, more and more people choose to get creative with their bachelor parties.   A Bachelor party represents the last night of freedom before getting hitched. It’s an excellent time to bond with friends, think outside the box, and experience something new and exciting.  … Read More

Booked in for Your First Booze Cruise? Find Out What To Expect!

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booze cruise

What could possibly be more fun than partying with your friends on a boat off the coast of Florida? If you’ve never been on a booze cruise before, then you’re in for a real treat. Whether you’re going on a stag/hen party or going on a corporate event, boozing on a giant pedal boat is a great way to break … Read More

Tips for Booking the Best Party Boat Rentals Near Me

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party boat rentals near me

Are you looking for a fun experience for your family and friends on the open water? Do you want to book a fun activity for your small business and all its employees? If so, then you might be wondering “how can I book party boat rentals near me?”. Going through with booking party boat rentals might be one of the … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Party Boat Rentals

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party boat rentals

Are you looking for a way to spice up your next event? Party boat rentals are a huge hit for taking your events to the water.  Just picture the wind in your hair as you and your guests are spending the day on a fantastic party boat. There are tons of different size party boats to choose from based on … Read More

Where to Party in Fort Myers: Your Complete Guide

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Where to party in Fort Myers

Are you stuck in Florida right now and are looking for a party to help you de-stress? Do you want to know where to party in Fort Myers?  Florida remains a popular destination for people who want to go on a vacation, party, or both. In 2019, the state received 131.4 million visitors, making it one of the top vacation … Read More